Wenjun introduces project - Ambassadör för Kvinnors Företagande at Komvux

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Thu, 07/11/2013 - 17:29 By wenjun

Wenjun and Manjula at Komvux / photo by Wenjun


About the ambassadors project

800 women entrepreneurs throughout Sweden are since 2008 selected as Ambassadors for Women´s Entrepreneurship. They serve as role models to raise the interest about entrepreneurship, so that more young women might consider running a business as a viable career choice. Wenjun became ambassador from the beginning of 2013. 


Each ambassador agrees to carry out about four voluntary assignments during a year, such as speaking at schools and universities, welcoming study visits or holding personal meetings with women considering starting a business. Any school or person can book an ambassador for free.



Wenjun and Manjula at Komvux

Today Wenjun and Manjula (another ambassador) went to KOMVUX in Örnsköldsvik to introduce the ambassadors project to all the teachers. If they know the existence of this project, there is possibility that they can book entrepreneurs to go to school and give speech to their students. 


There are many students with international background at KOMVUX. Some of those students may have done business before they came to Sweden, or they may have interests to be entrepreneurs. But as foreigners in Sweden, either there are difficulties for them to find information, or there are lots of fears to start up own business. Through telling our own stories, we hope they get some inspirations of what to do in the future.