We see humanity, differences and potential

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China - Sweden expert

RLCC is a cross-cultural communication consultancy located in Örnsköldsvik, the center of the High Coast of Sweden (Höga Kusten). We have extensive experience within language, culture, communication and much more. We enable individuals and their organizations to communicate effectively under different cultural circumstances both inside and outside the organizations, in order to create sustained business success on a globalized market.   


Wenjun Ren founded RLCC in 2010. As a Chinese who has lived in Sweden many years, Wenjun knows both Chinese and Swedish culture. Together with her partner Anna-Karin Byström, who is an expert on organizational communication and lived in China and other Asian countries with family for many years, they adapted their first-hand experience of the countries and theoretical knowledge into practical Chinese/Swedish cross-cultural training, which has received compliments from customers.  


Today, RLCC's leading competence is still China-Sweden, but at the request of customers, we developed training for other countries too. No matter which country or culture you are going to deal with, the process and core elements of the training are the same.  


We only use carefully selected consultants who have both strong theoretical knowledge and life experience of the country they are training in. the most important is that they know the country and are eager to share their experience and knowledge.  



Read examples from our customers, why they invest in cross-cultural trainings: Why cross-cultural training   



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We see humanity, differences and potential