Small changes in your mind may bring big difference


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Why invest in cross-cultural training

Culture effects all aspects of your daily work, the way you communicate, negotiate, making decisions and much more. However, many people are not aware of the effects of culture because it is invisible, until they get into trouble.



We often hear such complaining 

    A: “I am getting frustrated, the Chinese guy says yes to everything, but we get nothing.”


    B: “When I send email to them, they never answer. But if I delayed on replying their emails, they get crazy. How am I going to communicate with those South Korean guys?”


    C: “I have heard that Chinese are very difficult to handle, OMG, we are going to have a group of Chinese visiting us, what do we do?”


    D: “We have often Asian employees, but they leave the company after one or two years. Chinese are so difficult.” (If you hear what your employee says)


    E: “I don’t feel secured in this company, I don’t know what will happen to me.” “Why don’t you talk to your boss?” “I am new in this company, I am afraid to lose this job if he knows that I am not happy.”


    F: “Those Japanese never give their opinions at group discussion, I am so tired of them.”



The importance of intercultural skills 

People intend to look at the world as how we wanted, instead of how the world actually is. This is easy to understand, because most of us grow up in an environment where everyone shares the same culture. We know what will happen and what to expect. When we meet unfamiliar phenomenon, we usually explain it as STRANGE or TERRIBLE!


Nowadays, more and more activities take place at international level, if the managers, employees and the organization want to strengthen their international capacity and achieve global business goals, it is necessary to gain an understanding of culture and cultural difference, and develop intercultural skills, when it is still not too late.



Cultural training makes differences 

Sometimes, people don’t even realize why they succeed or fail. Maybe a tiny habit of handling business card can make you gain or lose a customer, what about bigger decision-making and strategy-development?


This is where cultural training makes differences. We help you to make small changes in your mind, you and your organization may gain a loyal international employee, a new customer, a successful relocation, an international project and bigger success on your global business.   



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Small changes in your mind may bring big difference