You learn before, during and after the training


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Many people think cultural training is about giving you a list of what you should do or not do when you meet your international colleagues and business partners. We think culture is much more than that. What if the person didn't behave according to the list you were given? How are you going to react? 



5 steps cultural training model 

In our cross-cultural training model, we follow the same process when dealing with different country or culture:  


  Step 1: Build up cultural awareness - understand your mother culture

  Step 2: Avoid cultural misunderstanding - understand the new culture

  Step 3: Case study based on real problems met by customers - implement in practice and see opportunities 

  Step 4: Develop action plan - make changes for the future

  Step 5: Summarize the training and follow up


From our training, you will get deeper understanding of culture and cultural difference, develop intercultural skills and your own action plan for future international activities.   



You learn before, during and after the training

We take responsibility for your learning through the entire process - before, during and after the training.


Before the training: we will talk to all participants and listen to their problems, wishes and goals, so that we can customize the training program.


During the training: we start from increasing cultural awareness by selfunderstanding and the understanding of the new culture. Then we focus on case study which is based on real problems and situations met by our customers when dealing with international colleagues and business partners. In the end, we develop an action plan to make sure changes will take place after the training. With our passionate and experienced lecturer, you will also get lots of fun.


After the training: every participant will receive a summary of the training, including what we have learned and what to think about for the future activities. but the learning will not stop here. we will contact participants after a couple of weeks to follow up the after studying changes. We want to make sure you see the results from the training.






You learn before, during and after the training