RLCC stands for Ren & Liu Cross-cultural Consulting

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The founder of RLCC is Wenjun Ren. She started RLCC in 2010, after her studies at Umeå University. On her way to become an entrepreneur in Sweden, Wenjun has learned to understand the Swedish culture through her mistakes. Her goal is to build up a network with companies and consultants who are working on intercultural communication, to offer top education and consulting services, which will solve customers' problems.


Yaozhan village, Yunnan province, China / photo by Lei Meng


Wenjun grew up in a small village (Yaozhan) in southwest China. Thanks to her open-minded father and mother, she read books and traveled, when most of her friends either had no access to books or had to help their families with farm works. After junior high school in her village, she entered senior high school in a city (Chuxiong) 100km away. And then, she went to Beijing for university.


From a small village to a small city, to a huge city like Beijing, and to Sweden, her special life path has given Wenjun not only the strength and capacity to adapt to new environment, but also a special angle of viewing today's China and cultural differences. On a globalized market, many people are either scared or not aware enough of cultural differences. Stories from Wenjun and other course leaders' life experiences will help you to understand cultural differences and see opportunities through surprises and laughter.   


With wish to honor the love and support from her family, Wenjun decided to name her first company with father and mother's family names.


R - Ren. Ren is Wenjun and her father's family name. In China, children often receive the family name from their father's side.

L - Liu. Liu is Wenjun's mother's family name. In China, women don't change their family name after they get married. 

CC - Cross-cultural Consulting.  


Wenjun Ren

Tel:  073 826 8156

Email:  wenjun.ren(@)rlcc.se




RLCC stands for Ren & Liu Cross-cultural Consulting