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Besides offering various training programs, we also help our customers to solve practical problems during their international approaching process. If it's possible, we always suggest our customers to take time to learn the new market and understand the new culture they are going to work with. 


However sometimes, when an opportunity pop up, time just does not wait for you. Then hire us, it's a short cut for you to oppotimize your international business when you have no enough time to prepare yourself. Our experienced consultants and employees will solve your problem on site.     



We offer the following consulting services

  • Import and export: mainly Chinese market, our two offices in China work for you on site. We take care of the whole exporting or importing process, including sourcing, product inspection, quality control, payment, shippment, customs and more. We also help companies to establish in China. 
  • Chinese market entry: initial background research and market research before approaching China, including SWOT analysis and Market Entry Strategy Suggestion. 
  • International projects: project planning and management, team building to optimize the operation
  • Language services: interpretation, translation, email communication and international customer management
  • License application: we help you to apply for all kinds of license needed to enter the Chinese market


Contact us if you think we can help you. It does not cost anything to make a call or send an email. We look forward to hearing from you! 



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Hire us to solve your problems in international business