Expand your Chinese business with affordable costs


How can we help you?

Your offices in China

Our two offices in China will help you to expand your Chinese business with affordable costs. One office is located in Suzhou, 30 minutes from Shanghai by train. Another is located in Foshan, 40 minutes from Guangzhou by car. 



This service is mainly for companies who are:

  • importing products from China: we can take care the whole importing process from selecting suppliers, factory/product inspection, shipping, payment and more, until the products arrive in your door in Sweden. You can buy the whole package, or require support on certain steps. We are very flaxiable. Additionally, we invoice your company monthly, you always get 20 days payment period. 
  • exporting to China: we help you find suitable sales channel or partners, localize your marketing materials, even set up your Chinese office and hire capable employees. 
  • establishing in China: we help you to set up your Chinese office, hire capable employees, and relocate managers to China.


On this service, we cooperate with Ekcom



Why you should choose us: 

  • We are honest and reliable, want you to get the most out of your investment;
  • Our staff in China are experienced and professional; 
  • Our price is affordable compared to many other organizations;
  • You always get invoice back home and get 20 days payment period. 


Fell free to contact us to discuss your needs. 






Expand your Chinese business with affordable costs