We offer both open courses and tailor-made training programs


How can we help you?

What we can do for you

RLCC trains managers, employees, teams and even entire organization, to optimize the cross-cultural communication and collaboration both inside and outside the organization, with aim to reach the organization's international business goals.  



Tailor-made training programs

Our tailor-made training programs are very flexible. It can be one-to-one training or group seminars. Read more about what types of trainings we can offer below.


If you have another type of challenge where you think cross-cultural training can be helpful, contact us to have a talk about your situation. We will design a program together with you to meet your specific needs.


Different types of training programs we can offer:

  • Cultural training: help you to build up cultural awareness and develop a global mindset, improve intercultural skills.  
  • Relocation training: prepare your employees and their family for the relocation, make sure the relocation is successful and your organization gets the most out of it. 
  • Expat in Sweden: help international employees working and living in Sweden understand Swedish culture, improving the communication and collaboration between Swedish and international employees, help organizations to retain the international key employees.
  • Language training: prepare you for further international activities. Chinese (mandarin), Swedish, English, hungarian...


Try our open courses 

Open course is a good solution for small companies to receive high quality training by sharing costs with others. You can check our open course list, and see if any of them fits you: Open Courses


Suggest your own open course session

If the date, city, or topic on the course list does not fit you, you are welcome to contact us to suggest your own studying session. We will arrange a new course for you if we receive more than two participants to the session you suggested.





We offer both open courses and tailor-made training programs