Help your international employees into the new culture


How can we help you?

For Swedish employers:

Swedes are not normal as you thought, your foreigen employees need help 

As many Swedish employers thought, Swedes are the most normal specie on earth. Their employees from any corner of the world would integrate into the environment easily. However, that is not true. 


Difficulties can come from anywhere

  • Tough climate: Sweden, especially in the northern part, has much longer and darker winter than most of the countries on earth. It takes very long time for new comers to get used to the climate;
  • Different organizational culture: compare Swedish and Chinese organizations, the relationships between managers and employees are totally different. Swedish organizations are very flat while Chinese ones are strictly hierarchical. You don't expect a Chinese employee come to the Swedish manager and complain about the bad coffee served during fika, unless you have taught them;
  • Different social and family life: Swedes are famous for spending lots of time with families. Foreign employees without family often feel extremely lonely in Sweden, especially in dark winter;  
  • Hard to get local friends: Swedes are famous for another thing - not making friends with colleagues, which is totally different from many other cultures. Many foreign employees felt isolated in the organizations before understanding the culture; 
  • Language problem: many Swedes can speak English, however, most information you can find on the internet, TV, Radio and even paper media are in Swedish. It is hard to sort things out without help.   

The list can be how long as you can imagine. If you feel having difficulties to keep your foreign employees, maybe it is time for you to take actions to help them into the new culture and the new environment. They would only stay long when they fell in love with the city and the company. Otherwise you were just their stepping stone into a better company.



For international employees:

Swedes are funnier than you may have seen, try harder

No matter you come to Sweden alone or with families,  no matter you will live here for a long time or just stay for a short-term period, we will help you fall in love with Sweden.  


If you did not receive any expat package from the employer and felt difficult to ask for it directly, we suggest you to contact us. We will take contact with your employer and suggest suitable packages.



Try our expat packages  

An expat package can include different services according to different needs, choose the ones suitable for you:

  • Swedish language lessons
  • Swedish culture training
  • Organizational culture training
  • International team building
  • Practical information for living and working in Sweden
  • How to build your social network and make local friends
  • Seminar: The best of Sweden, learn to entertain yourself in Sweden
  • Other special needs







Help your international employees into the new culture