Optimize your cross-cultural cooperation and collaboration
Prepare your company and employees for rising Asian market...
Help your foreign employees enjoy working for you in Sweden...
Simplify your import/export, support your expansion in China...

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Optimize your cross-cultural cooperation and collaboration

We want to make changes for you, feel free to contact us!

With our cultural model and tools, you will get deeper understanding of cultural difference, and develop stronger intercultural skills.

For international employees and accompanying families who are coming to live and work in Sweden, gain the most from your stay. 

Our two offices in China will help you to expand your Chinese business with affordable costs. Hire us to save your time and money.

Are you and your families going to live and work in Asia? Would you like to prepare together for your challenges from the new culture?

Open course is a good solution for small companies to receive high quality training by sharing costs with others. Check out our course list.



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