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Proper research is a MUST before you decide to enter CHINA 


"In China everything is possible, but nothing is easy!"


Making the first step into the Chinese market is intimidating for most western companies, due to all kinds of potential pitfalls from different political system, geography and culture. However, there are still huge number of companies are trying hard to open this door all the time, because the rewards of successfully navigating this difficult course are immense.


China is constantly changing and its markets are evolving more rapidly than almost anywhere on earth.  A proper research which involves factors such as industry sector, product type, company size and culture is necessary before any foreign company making decision to approach the Chinese market.


In the table below, it is a brief summary of the ‘Dos and Don'ts' that any foreign company approaching the Chinese market for the first time should take into consideration. 


  • Do some initial background research
  • Carry out extensive market research before entering the market
  • Segment the market (by geography, income and customer habits)
  • Determine the best entry vehicle according to results of research
  • Determine the best routes to market and channel partners
  • Consult with legal experts to create an IPR strategy for China
  • Register trademarks in China prior to market entry
  • Carry out due diligence on prospective partners and employees
  • Rely on hearsay or third-hand market information from Chinese partners
  • Assume that similar market conditions apply throughout China
  • Invest in a local presence prior to researching the market thoroughly
  • Choose partners or employees without proper due diligence
  • Assume that IP rights are automatically protected under Chinese law


What we can do for you 

During the whole process of Chinese market entry, what we can do and good at are the first two points on the DOS list:

  • Initial background research. 
  • Market research before entering the market. Together with the market rearch report, we will also hand in a SWOT analysis and a Market Entry Strategy Suggestion. 









We do research for your Chinese Market Entry