Chinese business culture (Half day)

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Understanding the basic rules of the Chinese society and business manners


This half-day education is designed for business person working on the Chinese market. It gives an understanding of the basic business process in China, as well as introduction of business manners and rules.



Course Program 

13.00 Gathering and introduction

13.15 Short history and background 

      • History
      • Economic development and politics

14.00 Culture

      • Traditional philosophies (confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism) and their effect on Chinese culture

14.30 Coffee

14.50 Society

      • Today's China
      • Typical Chinese mind (superstitious but not religious, collectivism, bad logical thinking, implicit and indirect thinking, etc.)

15.30 Business

      • build trust
      • personal relationship - Guanxi
      • face - Mianzi 

16.10 Business etiquettes and practice 

16.50 Useful websites

17.00 End of the course



Course Leader 

Wenjun Ren
Master of science major in Sustainable Management from Umeå University and bachelor of management from Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing, China. Working on cross-cultural consulting and trading since 2010. Being an expatriate in Sweden since 2006