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This Course is for you and your families who are going to relocate to China for work and business. The goal is to get you speaking basic Chinese and enjoy your journey in China. 


Most Chinese people do not speak English, how are you going to survive there without assistant? Learn basic Chinese with us before you go to China. It will make your living in China much easier and more enjoyable. You will also notice how much you flatter your Chinese friends by speaking a couple of Chinese words, which is good a start of relationship. 


This course focuses on speaking of basic Mandarin. We practice densely through game, group studying and other methods within these two days, so that you can remember and use them in the future. Through the language learning, you will understand more about the Chinese culture too.  


You will also learn "Pin Yin" - the official phonetic system for transcribing the sound of Chinese characters into Latin script in China. It is also the dominant method for entering Chinese text into computers. With basic knowledge of Pin Yin, you can read Chinese annotated with Pin Yin. Nowadays, most signs in public places are annotated with either Pin Yin or English.  


Course Program 

Day 1


09.45 Gathering and coffee

10.00 Short history of Chinese and Swedish Language

11.00 Greetings and self introduction

12.00 Chinese lunch  

      • Can you use chopsticks?
      • How to behave at banquet?

13.00 Taking taxi and go to restaurant 

14.00 Numbers

      • Week, month, date, time

14.40 Coffee

15.00 Pin Yin - pronuncation system of Mandarin

      • a, b, c, d, e, f ... z
      • ai, ei, ui, ao, ou, iu ... 

16.30 Free questions and discussion

17.00 End of day 1




Day 2


09.00 Practice of Pin Yin 

10.00 Game

10.30 Coffee

10.50 Practice of conversations

12.00 Chinese lunch 

13.00 Weather and emergency 

14.00 Group work 

14.30 Coffee

14.50 Introduction of today's China

15.30 Free questions and discussion

16.00 End of the course