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This course is for you who are at managing roles of Chinese business and are eager to improve business results by deepening the understanding of your business relations.


Different traditions make Swedish and Chinese society and culture very different at many aspects. This coaching program will help you to understand the key differences between Swedish and Chinese culture, develop your awareness of cultural differences, improve your results of international business, and hence your efficiency and profitability.


Our seminar leaders will lead you through an exciting path of culture, international business, traditional Chinese dinner, and lots of laugh with their knowledge and life stories. The education is in English.



Course Program 

09.00 Buildup cultural awareness

      • How communication functions between different cultures?
      • Do you know yourself - Swedes in others eyes.
      • Key words of the differences between Sweden and China.
      • Why are Chinese as they are - short history and traditional philosophies (Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism and the law of Yin and Yang).

12.00 Chinese lunch

      • How to behave at banquet?
      • Can you use chopsticks?  

13.00 Develop intercultural skills 

      • Important concepts in Chinese business culture - guanxi, mianzi, trust.
      • Workshop - DO's and DON'Ts.
      • Today's China - a fast changing market.
      • Develop an action plan and free questions.

16.00 End of the course

Two weeks later: "follow up" (1h)


Coffee at 10.30 and 14.30



Course Leader 


Wenjun Ren
Master of science major in Sustainable Management from Umeå University and bachelor of management from Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing, China. Working on cross-cultural consulting and trading since 2010. Being an expatriate in Sweden since 2006 

Anna-Karin Byström
PhD student of organizational communication with special focus on intercultural communication. Worked with communication in international company for 13 years. Being an expatriate in China and Singapore for 4 year