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Understanding Swedes and Swedish scoiety


Inside Swedish mind:

  • Flat organization, boss is one of us
  • Cooperation
  • Trust
  • Individulism
  • Learning by communicating and doing
  • Encouraging making mistakes
  • Pay for yourself at restaurant 

Inside Chinese Mind:

  • Hierarchical organization, boss is upon everyone
  • Competition
  • No trust - the importance of personal relationships
  • Collestivism
  • Learning by accepting and remembering information from teachers
  • Don't accept mistakes, afraid of taking responsibility
  • Pay for everyone in restaurant

A good understanding of Swedish culture and society will shorten the time for an expat to adapt to the new environment, and creat synergy at workplace.



Course Program 

13.00 - 17.00, coffee at 14.30


Important issues to cover:

  • What are the most distinctive Swedish values, behavior, etiquettes and habits?
  • What are the implications of Swedish values in business, culture, and management?
  • What are the major cultural differences and similarities between Sweden and China?
  • How to integrate Swedish culture and Chinese culture to achieve synergy at workplace?
  • How to work, communicate, and negotiate more effectively with Swedes?
  • Your social benefits when living and working in Sweden, Union, A-kassa, Social insurance and more...