Avatar is polluted!?

Fri, 03/10/2014 - 15:54 By wenjun


Last week, I visited Chengdu with a group of Swedish friends. If you haven’t heard about Chengdu, at least have heard about famous Chinese panda?  Yes, Chengdu is the home of panda. It is located in southwest China, where residents’ average height is a bit low.   


I went for shopping with two Swedish girls, who are nearly 180cm. The scene was very funny:


-          Chinese girls keep passing by and “whispering” very loud: OH MY GOD, they are sooo tall, I feel like dwarf.


-          My Swedish friends: OH MY GOD, have we come to Avatar? I feel like I am giant.


-          A French guy heard them: oh, then Avatar has been heavily polluted…sad…  







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