10 things you didn't know about China

Mon, 13/04/2015 - 13:13 By wenjun
  1. Chinese names always start with the surname, then the given name.
  2. It is important to think of the social status of the person when addressing someone. A doctor is called Surname+doctor.
  3. Chinese people do not like to be exposed in the sun, they use an umbrella to protect themselves against the sunshine.
  4. Half of China’s population today live in cities.
  5. China’s national goal is for renewable energy to reach a share of 15 percent of total energy demand by 2020.
  6. The produced amount of household waste is expected to double until 2030.
  7. China accounts for at least 25 percent of the CDM projects in the world.
  8. Pay attention if a Chinese says “yes” or “no”. Chinese used to say “no” first even they would like to say “yes” and it will take some rounds until he/she accepts offers. Don’t take the first “no” seriously, but always try to convince.
  9. Food culture is very important in China  and Chinese people enjoy having long dinners with friends, family and business partners.
  10. Chinese rice-wine, is not a wine, it is a strong liquor called "bai jiu".



  1. 中国的人名总是姓在前,名在后。
  2. 在称呼某人需要考虑其社会地位。例如,称呼某医生为姓+医生。
  3. 中国人不喜欢暴露在阳光下,他们使用太阳伞遮阳。
  4. 目前有一半中国人住在城市。
  5. 中国的国家目标是在2020年以前实现可再生能源达到总能源需求的15%。
  6. 截至2030年,家庭废物的数量预计翻番。
  7. 中国的清洁发展机制(CDM)项目占世界的25%以上。
  8. 注意中国人说“是”或“不”的情况。即使是想说“是”,中国人也常常会先说“不”,两次三番之后,才会接受提议。不要对第一个“不”过于认真,需要进行确认。
  9. 饮食文化在中国十分重要。中国人喜欢与朋友、家人和商业伙伴长时间聚餐。
  10. 中国谷物酒不是果酒,是一种烈性酒,称为“白酒”。



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